WATCH THE 20FT DEEP DOCUMENTARY – FORTY 9TH THE 49th Version of the Bassmaster Classic, a Different Vibe

The end of the 2018 professional bass fishing season was a turbulent time for the world of professional bass fishing. The long time platform for so many of the best anglers in the world, the Bassmaster Elite Series, witnessed anglers depart for a new league, Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Tour. But 36 of those anglers remained to be part of the 52 angler field in the 49th Bassmaster Classic in Knoxville, Tennessee.

It was a different vibe than any other previous Bassmaster Classic.

The 20FT DEEP crew captured that vibe in the latest 20FT DEEP documentary, “FORTY 9th”.
DOCUMENTARY by Mark Jeffreys – &

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